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There are many of you who are fans of Morrissey Solo. Steven Patrick Morrissey or more popularly known as Morrissey was born on the 22nd of May, 1959. He is an English Songwriter, singer, and also an author. He gained immense popularity as the frontman of The Smiths, which was a rock band and was active from 1982 to 1987. Ever since his career as a singer skyrocketed, he pursued a successful solo career.

The music made by Morrissey is characterized by his baritone voice and his distinctive lyrics that had recurring themes of sexual longing, emotional isolation, black and self-deprecating humor and anti-establishment stances.

Morrissey Solo Website

The Morrissey Solo website is not affiliated with Morrissey and is also unofficial. It is basically an open forum for all the fans of Morrissey and The Smiths to discuss and also share related information. The site was created by David Tseng and he also maintains it with the help of various users and moderators who contribute to the site. David has been a fan of Morrissey and The Smiths since 1986 when he studied as a junior in high school. At present David Tseng is a web developer located in Los Angeles.

Details of the Website

During the period between February 1997 and January 1999 the website was originally hosted on a SPARC 5, which was all due to the hard work from David Tseng. Between the period January 1999 and May 2000, the website was shifted to the residence of David, which basically runs on a newly installed DSL line.

In the month of June 2000, the codebase of the website was converted to the Open Source Slashcode. In the month of March 2002 the server of the website was entirely shifted to a hosting location near downtown Los Angeles.

Childhood of Morrissey

Steven Patrick Morrissey was born at Park Hospital located in Davyhulme, Lancashire. His mother was Elizabeth and father was Peter Morrissey, both of whom were Irish Catholics. They had immigrated to Manchester from Dublin. This happened a year before Steven’s birth. Steven claims that he was named after the popular American actor Steve Cochran. However, it may happen that he was named in honor of his father’s brother who had died in infancy.

The earliest home of Steven was a council house situated at 17 Harper Street in the Hulme are of inner Manchester. He was deeply affected by the Moors Murder when he used to stay in that area during his childhood. The Moors Murders were all about a number of local kids getting killed. This crime had a lasting impression on his mind. It also inspired him to write the lyrics for The Smiths song Suffer Little Children. Morrissey also became aware about the anti-Irish sentiment in the British society. This was against the Irish immigrants who had entered Britain. It was in 1970 that the entire family shifted again to another council house that was located at 384 Kings Road Stretford.

Steven’s mother was a librarian and she was the one who encouraged her son’s reading habits. He took great interest in feminist literature and the Irish author Oscar Wilde was his favorite writer. Morrissey used to practically idolize her. He was also a big fan of Coronation Street, which was a television soap opera. It basically focused on all the working-class communists in Manchester. Steven also used to send proposed storylines and scripts to the production company of the show, Granada Television, several times. Unfortunately, all of them got rejected. Morrissey was also a fan of A Taste of Honey written by Shelagh Delaney. He also liked the 1961 movie adaptation of the same book. The story was basically a drama that was all about a working-class life in Salford. Most of his songs that he has written later in life, quoted A Taste of Honey.

The Smiths

In the month of August 1978, Morrissey was introduced with a 14-year old by the name of Johnny Marr. This happened by mutual acquaintances at a Patti Smith gig that was held at the Apollo Theater in Manchester. Many years later, in the month of May 1982, Marr reappeared in front of Morrissey’s residence asking if he was interested in co-founding a band. The next day Morrissey called Marr and confirmed his interest in the music band. Morrissey decided on The Smiths as the name of the band since he wanted all the ordinary people of the world to finally show their faces and reveal themselves.

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